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  1. Am I Virgo or Libra or both? (Virgo Libra cusp)
  2. The Virgo-Libra Cusp | Signs | Virgo libra cusp, Virgo, libra, Virgo
  3. Libra and Libra Love Compatibility
Aquarius and Libra Nature and Nuances

You might need to guard against excessive jealousy or the need to control your lovers if Scorpio is in your 5th house. There is no such thing as a casual love affair in your book!

You might go out of your way to make sure that you both achieve orgasm simultaneously since this could be an expression of equality in the most sexual sense. Libra in the 8th is gentle and concerned with a romantic approach to love and sex rather than a highly charged, taboo encounter that you might be embarrassed to talk about in the morning. When you have Libra in your 8th house you want a sexual relationship that meets you halfway and will likely voice your dismay if you feel anything less.

Libra Scorpio Cusp + Aries - COMPATIBILITY

You have a seductive yet intellectual way of asking for what you want in bed. If they slip up and say a crass joke or forget their manners, they will feel the wrath of your judgement or may even get a quick scolding.

Am I Virgo or Libra or both? (Virgo Libra cusp)

That kind of behavior makes you cringe, but you might be distancing yourself from your loved ones when you stick your nose so high in the air. People make mistakes.

Allow them to be humans and do your best not to jump down their throats if they say or do the wrong thing. If you can learn to breathe and loosen your perfectionist grip, you'll be an inspiration to be around!

Your intelligence and grace come together to make you a wonderful conversationalist and activist. You see right and wrong as clearly as black and white, and you're able to explain your understandings to others in an approachable way that allows them to hear you and follow you. If you wield this powerful skill correctly, you can have a positive impact not only within your own world, but globally as well.

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The Virgo-Libra Cusp | Signs | Virgo libra cusp, Virgo, libra, Virgo

On your bad days, you can get swept away by the dark side of beauty. You love to make a good impression and be polished inside and out -- it's the external needs that can warp you. Be aware of your desires for material possessions and superficiality.

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If you find yourself needing clothes, makeup, and accessories to make you feel fulfilled, then you'll silence your true internal beauty. Your heart is full of love for others and the desire to find balance in the world, but you have a hard time letting the people who are closest to you into your bubble. It takes a special someone with patience and strong communication to keep you interested and committed. Fire signs are much too impulsive! They're always willing to be social with you, but they'll often say the wrong thing.

Air signs are fun and playful, but lack the commitment you need.

Libra and Libra Love Compatibility

Earth signs will keep you grounded and appreciate your kind nature. Put your passion for equality and your power of persuasion to use! You don't want to offend others, so you sometimes stay quiet on issues that really perplex and upset you.