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Ruled by Mercury, the magician, trickster, and word-weaver, this new moon reminds us that casting spells is something we do all day long. At the time of the new moon, its ruler Mercury is sitting pretty. In its own sign for a brief time, Mercury is now a bright evening star, adept at helping us tell our tale, sell our wares, and plead our case.

The Zodiac According to Lana Del Rey | W Magazine

Waiting in the wings, Mercury is ready and willing to point out a few shortcuts on the way to manifesting our new moon intentions. Jupiter is boosting the messages we deliver during this new moon. This blessing needs to be made use of in typical Gemini fashion: quickly. This new moon only has one glitch, a square to Neptune in Pisces. This clouds a situation and seems to have us a little less put together and a little more unravelled.

It makes messier an already unruly Gemini Season that is uninterested in confines of any kind. The moment calls for extra caution and care when things feel out of control or not thoroughly worked through. As the sun perfects its square to Neptune on June 9th, things will feel extra hazy and perhaps a little unmanageable.

21 Personality Secrets of Gemini Zodiac Sign

Here until June 26th, Mercury swims through the primordial waters of Cancer, initiating us into the realm of confessing deep feelings and talking into the wee hours about our past, our regrets, and our earliest memory. Here, Mercury gets a boost of innovative juice, giving us access to all kinds of ideas, conversations and insights into some of the most important changes to make in our thinking process.

Here until July 3rd, Venus blesses the part of our chart that contains Gemini and anything we started during the new moon.

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Flirting feels a little more free and easy breezy with this transit. Better to allow for great amounts of fluidity under these skies. If anxiety peaks, get yourself into nature. Slow your mind down to the speed of a caterpillar crawling along a leaf. Breathe in rhythm with the waves. Tell the wind your worries and let them be carried off by the cooling currents. For a brief moment, Mars makes nice.

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Getting us in touch with our feelings, desires, and dreams, Mars and Neptune team up to remind us to move towards what is most meaningful for us. Today will have us feeling inspired to go beyond our usual limits, but tomorrow brings a rude awakening to work through. Hangover cures come in handy. This is one of the most challenging but when worked through one of the most rewarding aspects is between Mars and Saturn. In opposition to one another these two put us up against tremendous odds.

Like speeding at full force into a wall, our hearts and hopes, desires, and drive meet a monumental opponent who requires from us our best and every effort. What you work through today, and over the course of the next week, will test you in many ways. Mercury has both the gift of the gab and the burden of proof to contend with. Especially because the astrology was so challenging on June 14th, today makes the week feel a little relentless.

Recenter yourself. Refocus your energy on where you have power. Jupiter in Sagittarius is here to help us grow. Whatever today reveals about your growth, have gratitude for any amount of reconstruction you can do. The way to build a base is brick by brick.

Aries: "Off to the Races"

Laying down my defensiveness in exchange for depth. Digging into the past in order to understand the dynamic of the present moment. Smoothing out the wrinkles of unacknowledged feelings in order to let the energy flow. The way to cure loneliness is one interaction at a time. So I can absorb the wisdom delivered by my loved ones. So I can experience the depth of friendships in my life. So I can remember that my mind will tell me all manner of stories about how isolated I am, how unique my problems, and how precious my sorrows. But being with others that live honestly reminds me that my struggle is the human one, and I need not go it alone.

I check my attitudes about abundance. I know that acknowledging how it already appears in my life helps me access more of it, but I also honor the blocks I have to it. Where I limit myself unnecessarily is where I need to get curious. There is no healing without intimate knowledge of what causes harm. Disrupting self-pity that has gone on for too long is an integral part of accessing my ability to problem solve.

Creating space for the possibilities awaiting me. It opens up avenues of connection for me.

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It brings good fortune into my life by offering me the opportunity to give. When speaking to myself, I choose my words wisely. I attune myself to what inspires me to grow. I attune myself to what challenges my best to come forward. When it comes to negative traits, a Taurus can be indirectly dominant, overbearing, and pushy. As such, the OG Kush strain can come in handy.

Horoscopes for the New Moon in Gemini – June 12222

People born from May 21 to June 20 are energetic, witty, and imaginative. Haze, which is a California sativa strain, perfectly complements the Gemini personality with its happy, imaginative, and high-energy buzz. It will lift you up with focus and with creativity, as well as soothe away any restlessness and leave you to spin webs of inspiration.

You can also try the LSD hybrid strain, which is popular for the vivid and psychedelic experience it gives, along with a cerebral high and powerful body buzz.

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This strain is ideal for the multi-faceted Gemini personalities because you never know which way you will lean on any given day. Additionally, Geminis constantly need something exciting and love change, but they can also be a little unstable and can lose their reason when they are unfocused. This is why a strain that encourages focus and allows them to use their intellectual qualities is recommended. One such strain is Durban Poison.

It makes you so much more active and intelligent, warding off laziness, silliness, and the inability to decide. Ruairi Kavanagh is a journalist, editor and author with over 25 years experience across multiple specialised sectors including medical publishing, personal wellbeing, education, security, defence and international relations.

He works with the team at CannabizDaily.

What You're Most Likely To Get Addicted To According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Most likely to look up from their snacks, hands covered in Cheeto dust, to suggest you get massages. Most likely to get high and decide they should put on more glitter. Most likely to feed their mom a weed cookie.

Most likely to spend money on weed. Most likely to use an app to keep track of their favorite weed strains. Most likely to brag about their outfit.